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Program and Courses

Prerequisite Courses Requirements 

  1. Financial Accounting

  2. Basics of Financial Management

  3. Reading corporate Annual Reports, 10Ks, Quarterly reports, etc.

  4. Modeling Tools


Basic Courses for Healthcare Financial Services

  1. Healthcare Securities Research and Report Writing

  2. Introduction to Company Security analysis

  3. Financial modeling of healthcare companies (quantitative)

  4. Reading Financial Reports

  5. Writing a Buy/Sell Securities report

  6. Healthcare Company Valuation with model: quantitative + qualitative

  7. Early-stage ventures valuation

  8. Portfolio formation and management

  9. Finding and securing a job as a Securities Analyst at an investment Bank or asset management firm.

  10. Top management interviewing skills

Career curriculum for the healthcare financial services 

1. Healthcare portfolio manager 

2. Healthcare securities analyst (buy-side) 

3. Healthcare investment banker 

4. Healthcare research analyst (sell-side) 

5. Healthcare research analyst 

6. Healthcare valuation analyst (corporate) 


Program deliverables 

1. Two public company securities research reports with Financial models 

2. Financial models (quantitative) for five healthcare securities 

3. Construct a long and short portfolio 

4. Maintain a managed long and short portfolio for six months 

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